Amazing tools from amazing places

Every time I print a small project I get out two tools which continually amaze me.  So simple, so direct, so perfect for their purpose AND they are Thrift Store finds which cost next to nothing.

First, let's praise the bread machine!  All those nice square loaves made across the country just couldn't be better, unless of course they were SLICED BREAD.  Yeah, the greatest invention since sliced bread is the bread slicer guide in my opinion.  

Just look at this gem of engineering - 

Equal spaced knife blade guides designed to reduce that dreaded too thin toaster burning morning disappointment.  Or perhaps that way too think on one side sandwich slice that just won't do for little cucumber sandwiches at tea.

Well, this dollar find makes the best medium sized print drying rack you can image.

And if your paper is too thin to stand, just slip some cereal box cardboard between each slot and stiffen things up a bit.

Now if you are printing something smaller, or your print area isn't as large, behold the toy of the 40s, 50s and 60s - the SLINKY!

Yeah, a dollar for a toy and a couple of pennies for small zip ties and you have the most attractive postcard dryer the world has ever known.  

Good luck thrifting and let me know of any other amazing uses for common products.