Spirit of the Trees - handpainted purse/netbook/iPad carrier

Spirit of the Trees is a vintage purse which has been upcycled with original acrylic art to make your statement about Earth Day. The classic pigskin leather has been carefully prepared and then lovingly embellished by Frida with the Tree Spirits. The front of the purse shows a loving sun shining down on a large tree and a small grove. The back shows a single large tree in all its wondrous glory.

This purse originally had a strap which ran through it to make an extra closure. That strap is missing, but the magnet button closure on the interior is as good as new.

An extra bonus with Spirit of the Trees is that it not only holds the normal purse items, but it can be used as a carry bag for your netbook or iPad(c)*. We show it accepting the Dell netbook in either vertical or horizontal position. Plenty of room for the electronics and it still can hold your keys and wallet and that urgent hard-copy report.

Frida used artist quality acrylic paints for the trees, on a gesso prepared surface. The paintings have then been sealed with a polymer acrylic coating. This coating means you can easily wipe off any spills or errant dirt. We do recommend gentle handling overall as this is a piece of traveling fine art.

The inside of the purse contains one small zippered pocket and a quality lining. There are no signs of wear on the purse body, the shoulder strap has very slight fraying on the end. You have Surfbunny's satisfaction guarantee - see our ETSY shop policies for details on purchasing Spirit of the Trees and our guarantee

* iPad is copyright by Apple Computers

Palm Leaf Structure Book

Phred was into his meditation one evening last week and although mindfulness was not on his mind, this book came to him. He tells me "Spirit Guide" is a palm leaf structure book like the Buddhist texts in Tibet and Nepal. Each leaf (page) is a separate sheet of handmade paper. The paper includes recycled mail bits, rose petals and Darjeeling tea leaves.

The cover is hand lettered by Frida with the Tibetan script for the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra. Each leaf contains one of the names of the Dalai Lama and the Om mantra. Turning the leaf is expressive of releasing the mantra into the air and contributing to the betterment of the planet.

The book is bound with auspicious red silk cord adorned with pearls.
It is really quite beautiful in person. Phred did an edition binding of 4 to share with some friends.