Etsy Papermakers Swap 2013

Well, our genius computer rabbit AlanT managed to get the scanner to communicate with one of the computers and ran up some scans of the beautiful papers Phred received in the paper swap.  So here's a few of the truly outstanding samples.

First off from the swap organizer ElenaMary comes this sweet pulp painting.  The paper is made from abaca (the interior fibers of banana stalks), tea leaves, tissue paper and junk mail.  It has some wonderful texture and the hand is so soft.  Thanx ElenaMary and I always love your interesting shapes.   You can see other creations from ElenaMary at ElenaMary's Etsy Shop

While we are on tea leaves and tissue paper, Barb at  Bbesigns used them and added recycled computer papers, confetti, tea bags and coffee filters to make this colorful fun sheet. the ragged (deckle) edges are a great part of the design.  I can see this great paper used in party announcements and other fun things.

The little hand written note above just barely hints at what is inside this paper.  The rest of the recipe lists lily leaf, evergreen, mimosa blossoms, fresh lavender flowers, almond blossoms, and purple daisy petals.  Such a beautiful mixture and what a great paper for those heartfelt notes to family and friends. More gorgeous flower inclusion papers can be found in Raggedrosepaperworks Etsy Store

For a number of years we have traded papers and glass work with Akua Lezli Hope. This paper comes from some of the hardest to work with plant materials, the yucca and the corn husk.  Both yucca and corn husk make for interesting colors and complexity and depth, but the real challenge is to get the paper to not look like a tamale wrapper.  Boy Akua has certainly mastered this technique. Mixing in a portion of abaca, this paper is nicely stiff but it is not as thick as cardstock and it has a nice smooth and soft hand.  This would make super announcement notes and talk about green!  Thanx Akua for sharing. You can find more from this multi talented person at Akuadesigns

The last green paper sample for today is this wonderful dark card stock created from canna lily, white cotton and that papermakers friend abaca. Patti didn't list her Etsy shop.

2013 Etsy Papermakers Guild Team Swap

The warren is a-buzz with looking at the new papers that Phred received as part of the Etsy 2013 Papermakers Guild Team Swap.  This swap was organized by Elena Mary Siff of ElenaMary at Etsy and supported with a Team Grant from Etsy to pay the return postage.  40 Papermaker Guild members sent samples of their creations and ElenaMary resorted and returned them to the participating members.

Phred submitted 20 some sheets of his orchid papers made from the dried stems and flowers of the orchids in the warren orchid house as well as 20 sheets from his banana plantation.  The banana papers were made from the leaves of the Oroco banana which grows naturally here.

The papers from the Etsy Papermakers are just extraordinary works of art and we will be scanning them and sharing them here on the next week.

Thanx to everyone who participated and shared. I'm telling you the asparagus paper, abaca papers, and all the others are amazing.