A New Sketch book for traveling

As I sketch more and more I find a need for different paper styles and different materials.  I am working more and more in ink with watercolor paints.  So I created this little sketch book to carry with me.  I used paper from the Khadi Papers India mill.  Their paper is a vat sized cold pressed cotton rag paper made by hand in the heart of the India cotton growing region.  This paper has a soft hand, comes in approximately 140 lb weight and is perfect for watercolor, pen and ink and charcoal/pencil.  I created the sketchbook within a 6 to 7 oz leather wrapper and used cotton twine and hand carved beads to bind it.  The actual paper is held in place without holes by the long stitch binding and can be swapped out when it is full utilized.  I really like the 6 by 6 inch size, it gives a great 6 x 12 landscape mode.

Here's my first sketch in this new book.  I'm quite happy with it.