2013 Etsy Papermakers Guild Team Swap

The warren is a-buzz with looking at the new papers that Phred received as part of the Etsy 2013 Papermakers Guild Team Swap.  This swap was organized by Elena Mary Siff of ElenaMary at Etsy and supported with a Team Grant from Etsy to pay the return postage.  40 Papermaker Guild members sent samples of their creations and ElenaMary resorted and returned them to the participating members.

Phred submitted 20 some sheets of his orchid papers made from the dried stems and flowers of the orchids in the warren orchid house as well as 20 sheets from his banana plantation.  The banana papers were made from the leaves of the Oroco banana which grows naturally here.

The papers from the Etsy Papermakers are just extraordinary works of art and we will be scanning them and sharing them here on the next week.

Thanx to everyone who participated and shared. I'm telling you the asparagus paper, abaca papers, and all the others are amazing.