DIY Postcard Swap from iHanna

The most amazing postcard swap is taking place around the globe right now. Hosted by iHanna there are well over one hundred people sending ten postcards to others. That makes over 1500 postcards flying around the world - ALL IN THE NAME OF ART!

My postcards went out Tuesday the 16th and since then I've received three. The first was from Tari in Germany with a cute little pretzel surprise. The second from Shannon in Burnaby BC, Canada and the third today, complete with glittery tidbits from Tracey in Denver Colorado, USA.

It's now 2/22 and today I received cards from Jenny in Salem OR, Robin in Fairfax, VA, Jennifer in or near Fairbanks, AK all in the USA and Jaana in Sweden

And now on 2/23 two more cards - Melissa in or near Lansing MI, USA and a great fabric art card from pippa in Ausralia.

You can see hundreds of the cards at

I hope my cards get around, let me know if you receive one! Thanx, Surfbunny



April 20, 2010 at 7:45 AM

hi there surfbunny guess what?
I just recieved your ballonns postcard from the texan mail slow or what !!!
anyway Thanks very much for the lovely late surprise