Surf's Down - Winter's UP

Well, we had quite a run during late summer and fall. I can't tell you how many waves were ridden, garden patches harvested, or jars of produce were canned. Let's just say it was tons!

Phred and the youngsters continued with the book and paper making and they have some really neat stuff they will be showing off this winter. The artists colony were all invited over for a great Thanksgiving Feast and let me tell you, artsy types can sure party. Truth is though, they still get up (okay, maybe not exactly IN THE MORNING) and get some serious work done. We got some marvelous batik paper out of them and this is Phred's first book of December.

They'll be plenty more coming because he has agreed to do an exhibition of Art Books for a poet friend. The whole thing will be a gallery show in January.

Right now here's the Lady Bug Lady Bug book.