Books and ETSY

We are having a great deal of fun with our bookbinding endeavors over on ETSY. It is surprising how the bunnies in the bindery have been able to create a book out of these endlessly interesting items.

I don't want to call it bookmaking - that's what they do down in the teenagers' warren. Seems there's a regular club of racing bunnies and an endless supply of the desire to bet on who can be first out the rabbit hole and into Farmer Jones garden.

In the bindery they are book binding and paper making. Wonderful activities for the hot summer nights and the cold winter days. They have a bunch of specialized equipment and seemly an endless supply of imagination.

Most of their works are currently in the "popular culture" genre, but I have seen a whole table laid out with ancient bindings of many of our most precious codex. I believe we are about to see some medieval style books appear.

The reason I found out about these activities was one day I went into the surf shack to wax up a board and confound it, I couldn't find my best carnauba wax block. I'm rummaging around in my traveling pack and tossing gear here and there when Phred sticks his nose around the doorway and and tries to get my attention without drawing my ire. Okay, so no wax anywhere, I guess I'll see what Phred's all whisker twitching about. He leads me to the bindery and laying there in the middle of a table, like in a place of honor, is my wax block. 'Cept now it has all these lines indented in it. Seems like it is the end all and be all of waxing the linen thread that some of the girls over in the spinning room have been making from Farmer Jones' Linum usitatissimum.

Who would have guessed!

I couldn't really be mad at Phred or the others, they were so excited about what they'd been up to. And darned if the books didn't strike my fancy too. So I slipped a small Pepper Journal into my pack after making a note on the first page to find another block of carnauba wax.

Here's the Pepper Journal.....